Contractor Safety Management

Contractor management ensures the contractors you engage operate safely and have the required competency (and processes) in place to minimise the risk of harm to your workers, others and even themselves!

The Health and Safety Act 2015 has changed the employee/employer and contractor/principal relationship landscape. It is now a duty on businesses to take all '"reasonably practicable" steps to manage the safety of all workers – not just your own.

There is also now a duty to actively work together where two (or more) businesses are operating on the same site or as part of a supply chain. 

It is also best practice to regularly monitor the health and safety performance of contractors whilst they are undertaking work for you.  For many businesses this may feel like an added administrative burden, or they simply do not know where to start or what to look for. Hands on Safety can help.

Contractor Management System Advice and Design

We can design a system that will provide a straightforward process that meets expectations and reduces your exposure. We will ensure your team has the tools and knowledge required to engage and onboard your contractors appropriately and monitor their performance.

For medium to large size businesses we can help you assess whether an external provider may appropriate and assist with implementation, or act as your Contractor Management Assessor.