Hazard & Risk Management

Risks exist everywhere, in all aspects of life. So for many sole traders or SME's who have limited H&S knowledge, advice or in-house support, the area of Hazard and Risk Management can feel daunting and onerous.

Hands on Safety takes a pragmatic view when focusing on risk management ensuring that profitable activity continues but in a way that protects your people and your business. We look to identify areas and practices that pose a risk to anyone in your business and then help you choose effective controls to manage the risk.

Having worked in this field for so long, we are able to offer great advice on how to manage risk, understanding where the law needs to be met and where a practical approach can be taken. We want to protect you as a PCBU/Officer, your business and your workers. 

Where the specific risks sit outside our expertise, we will assist you with identifying other specialists who may need to be engaged and can coordinate or work with these specialists where required.

Services offered:

  • Hazard management procedures and forms
  • Hazard/risk assessment / JSA training
  • Hazard/risk registers
  • Critical risk reviews
  • 'Risk Appetite' coaching
  • 'Deep Dive' risk control reviews